TTX to China feed industry association exhibition

On April 18, 2017, sponsored by the China feed industry association, the national animal husbandry station of 2017 China feed industry exhibition opened in fuzhou strait international conference and exhibition center.The exhibition with "the transformation and upgrading of the structure, innovation and development, casting brand" as the theme, attracted domestic and nearly 20 countries and regions, more than 400 feed processing, feed additives, feed raw materials, such as livestock and poultry breeding industry enterprises exhibitors, the exhibition scale to an all-time high.

Jinan Tiantianxiang Co., Ltd.  As a member of the Chinese feed additive companies took part in the exhibition, show the TTX products to feed flavor series products, feed sweeteners series products, feed mycotoxin binder series products, natural antibacterial anti-inflammatory additive series product, animal health products, etc., during the exhibition, has hosted many TTX of the new and old customers to negotiate the booth, and has carried on the study and communication with many excellent, the trip to this exhibition.

During the exhibition held 2017 feed ingredients and LiangGai BBS, in-depth analysis of the current running situation of feed industry, aquaculture, assessments, such as corn, bulk feed raw materials supply and demand situation;2017 feed industry technology exchange activities, replace antibiotics, breeding source reduction, green feed additive industry hotspot issues such as communication, TTX also participated in the related BBS everyday activities, understand the latest industry information and trends, product and market development provides a direction for the company, in the end for the vast number of consumers to provide the best quality service.




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