TTX the middle of 2017 end of the meeting

July 13, 2017, in  Jinan Tiantianxiang Co., Ltd. the conference room everyday the work summary in the middle of 2017 meeting, the meeting personnel during the first half of the domestic trade, net sales and foreign trade sales, case sharing and half a year's working summary, guo total liu to guide the evaluation was made in the first half of the work of various departments, the affirmation of the results of each department personnel, and to guide the work, in the third quarter of all departments at the same time also is the problem in the first half of the work has carried on the communication, the improvement of the next step.

In the afternoon in the conference room for the training project to share:
Training: Gao Jianfeng: practical sales skills.

By sharing the latest sales skills, let everyone learn together, grow together, together to improve business ability, strive for the third quarter earnings!

Training: Wang Shengnan : feed management and implementation of their safety management practices




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