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In the first half of 2017 has ended, and learn from the past, looking to the future, ttx after the end of the year meeting, company leaders to thank for the dedication of the company during the first half of the staff, strengthening the construction of team culture of enterprises, increase the affection between employees, improve teamwork, company to arrange the employee and belong to July 15, 2017, the southern mountains of jinan Jiuru mountain scenic spot mountain tourism activities.

Jiuru mountain scenery, beautiful scenery, fresh air, comfortable weather after the rain, all the 3322 encourage each other, climbed to the top of the hill, feel the charm of nature.
The mountain climbing activities to let everyone in the hot summer feel cool in summer, away from the downtown, let everybody work in insecurity relax, close to nature.

Share through training to improve their business ability, timely understanding of learning the latest industry dynamic laws and regulations, to avoid information does not cause violations in a timely manner.




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