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Mycotoxin binder

Animal feed additives

TTX Mycotoxin binder is composed of yeast cell wall polysaccharides.Widely adsorb all kinds of mycotoxin in the animal feed such as aflatoxins(AFT), zearalenone(F-2 toxin), Ochratoxin A (OA), T-2 toxin and vomitoxin(DON). 

(1) Powerfully absorb all kinds of mycotoxins and their metabolin, improve feed quality.
(2) Promote feed intake by optimizing intestinal metabolism and increasing digestion.
(3) Boost animals¡¯ immunity by stimulating immune response and reduce animals¡¯ morbidity.
(4) Improve performance of production and breeding; enhance economic benefit for breeding industry.
Key component
Mannan Oligosaccharides, silicon dioxide, Sodium Sulfate
Content: Mannan Oligosaccharides is more than 5%
Increase or reduce the dosage based on the degree of mycotoxin contamination in feed.
Add 1000 g/t in order to prevent from mycotoxin
Add 1000¡«2000 g/t for mild concentration mycotoxin
Add 2000¡«5000 g/t for middle concentration mycotoxin  
Off-white powder 
Packed 1 kg,2 kg or5 kg in a aluminum foil bag of inner packing.
Packed 20 kg in a kraft bag of outer packing. 
Stored 12 months with sealed packaging in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Avoid to be exposed to the sun,rain,high temperature and high humidity.




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