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¦Â-mannanase is a feed hemicellulase fermented by the improved strains using a liquid submerged fermentation technique, and produced by an advanced post-treatment technique. It has properties of high activity, good quality, and high temperature.

 Name  Neutral ¦Â-mannanase  Activity  10,000-100,000U/g
 Color  White  Form  Powder
 Loss on drying ¡Ü10%  Packaging  25 kg/bag
 Sieve a nalysis 90% or higher pass 40 mesh
 Storage Stored for 12 months with sealed packaging in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

(1) Degrade mannan in the feedstuff, like soy, palm kernel, copra, etc.
(2) Eliminate anti-nutritional factors in feed and promote nutrient substance digestion and absorption. Improve feed value and lower the cost.
(3) Degrade the complex of mannan combined with protein and lipopolysaccharide to enhance the absorption of fat and protein,increase the energy value of feed.
(4) Mannose£¬the degradation production of mannan, can significantly promote the proliferation of profitable bacteria represented by bifidobacterium in animal intestine, enhance animal¡¯s immunity and reduce the mortality rate of animal.
Definition of activity
One unit of mannanase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 micromole of reducing sugar per minute from 3 mg/mL of mannan at pH 5.5 and 37¡æ.

Feed condition  Cake and meal material¡Ư20%  Cake and meal material£¼20%
Recommended dosage(U/Kg)  300¡«500 U/Kg  150¡«300 U/Kg
Dosage (10000 U/g)  30¡«50g/t  15¡«30g/t




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