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Trial Report
Effect of Garlic Allicin on Broiler Performance

Effect of Garlic Allicin on Broiler Performance

Trial Report
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Experiment animal: 1-day-age AA broiler
Experiment design:
Control group (CG): Basal diet
Experience groupⅠ(EGⅠ): Basal diet+100g/t Monensin
Experience groupⅡ(EGⅡ): Basal diet+100g/t Garlic Allicin
1500 AA broilers were randomly divided into 3 groups, each group of 5 replicates, and each repeat 100.
Experiment cycle: 42 days

Tab.1 Diet composition and nutrition level


Raw materials                        1-21 days                          22-sell
Corn                                          57.5                                58.5
Middlings                                      5                                  8
Soybean meal                             25                                 14
Cottonseed meal                           4                                 6
Peanut meal                                  4                                 5
Corn gluten meal                        ——                               2.3
Oil                                                1.16                              3
Powder                                         1.3                               1.37
Dicalcium phosphate                   1.04                              0.83
Premix                                           1                                 1

Nutritional index  
Metabolic energyKcal/kg           2900                            3050
Crude protein%                           21                              19.8
Calcium%                                    0.9                             0.45
Total phosphorus%                    0.67                            0.62
Available phosphorus%             0.45                            0.4
Lysine%                                     1.34                            1.13
Methionine + cysteine%             0.98                            0.83

Experiment result:

Tab.2 Effect of garlic allicin on Broiler Performance

Stage                   Index              CG            EGⅠ             EGⅡ

                         Daily gain,g        46.75          47.13            47.06 
0-21day            Feed intake,g     65.28          65.53            65.47
                         FCR                      1.4            1.39             1.39
21-42day          Daily gain,g         71.59          73.13            73.06
                         Feed intake,g     126.43         126.87           126.72
                         FCR                      1.77           1.74             1.73
0-42day            Daily gain,g          59.17          60.13            60.06
                         Feed intake,g        96.11          96.46            96.33
                         FCR                        1.62           1.6              1.6

Add garlic allicin and monensin could improve the production performance of broilers; late show the daily gain, feed conversion ratio is reduced. 21 - 42 days - age, EGⅠand EGⅡ weight increased by 2.15% and 2.15% compared with the control, feed conversion ratio decreased by 1.69% and 2.26% respectively; The daily gain increased by 1.62% and 1.50%, feed conversion rate decreased by 1.23%.There was no difference between groups. Garlic allicin and monensin can improve poultry production performance.

Tab.3 Effect of allicin on the survival rate of broiler

Index                   CG                EGⅠ                   EGⅡ 
Survival rate        87%               94%                    97%

EGⅡsurvival rate is higher than EGⅠ.
Garlic allicin contains natural antiseptic, metabolism in animals to prototype, non-toxic, no side effect, no drug residues, and no drug resistance. The experimental results show that in the diet the amount of adding garlic allicin is similar to that of antibiotics, can improve the production performance of broilers.