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Special compound enzyme for egg and poultry (Xinneng 500g)

Special compound enzyme for egg and poultry (Xinneng 500g)

Product Description

Product Name: Special Compound Enzyme for Poultry and Eggs

Raw material composition: xylanase, mannanase, cellulase


1. It can degrade non-starch polysaccharide anti-nutritional factors such as cellulose and xylan in feed, reduce the viscosity of chyme, increase the contact area between endogenous enzymes and chyme, and cooperate with endogenous enzymes in laying and poultry to improve the raw material Utilization rate in feed reduces formula cost.

2. Destroy the structure of plant cell walls, promote the release of nutrients in cells, and improve the digestibility and utilization of nutrients in feed.

3. It can promote the increase of egg production of laying poultry and ensure the quality of laying eggs.

3. It can produce oligosaccharides, inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms in the intestine, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms, maintain the dynamic balance of animal intestinal microbes, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea, enhance the animal's immune function and disease resistance, and prolong the laying cycle.

4. It can effectively balance product quality problems caused by feed ingredients and quality differences between different batches.

Scope of application: added to egg and poultry feed.

Suggested addition:

Add 500g-1000g per ton of complete feed, and add concentrated feed and premix in proportion.

The proportion of addition in different feed formulas is slightly different, and certain adjustments should be made according to different farms and feed types.

If you have any questions, please consult the company's technical service team.


1. This product is suitable for feeding eggs and poultry. If you feed other animals, the company has other corresponding compound enzyme products for you to choose from.

2. The main components of this product are various enzymes. Please pay attention to the storage conditions and prohibit storage in extreme environments with high temperature, high humidity or strong sunlight.

3. Please use up the product as soon as possible after opening.

Appearance index: white to light yellow powder.

Product packaging: 25kg/bag.

Product storage: Store in a ventilated, dry, and non-polluting place.

Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature.

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