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Trial Report
Effect of Milk Flavor 601 on the Eating Habit of Weaned Piglets

Effect of Milk Flavor 601 on the Eating Habit of Weaned Piglets

Trial Report
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(Jinan Tiantianxiang Co., Ltd. Technology Department)
1 Material and methods
1.1  Experiment animals
A total of 42 healthy piglets (Duroc×Landrace×Yorkhire) with same weight were randomly divided into 2 groups: control group and treatment group. The control group was fed with basal diet while the treatment group was fed with basal diet +300g/t Milk Flavor 601. Each group has 3replicates with 4 piglets in each replicate. Each sty has two feeding trough to separate the control diet and the treatment diet. The experiment lasted for 4 days. Use video to monitor the whole experiment.

1.2 Experiment diet
Feed flavor—milk flavor 601 was provided by Jinan Tiantianxiang Co., Ltd. The diet was formulated according to NRC pig nutrient requirement. See table 1 for feed formula and nutrition content.

Table1. Feed formula and nutrition content


Ingredient                     Content%                     Nutrition level 


Corn                           60                             Digestible energy     12.88

Wheat                          6                              Crude protein%        18.7
Soybean meal                   9                              Calcium%              0.87
Extruded soybean               16                             Total phosphorus%     0.67
Fish meal                      5                              Lysine%               1.24
Premix                         4                              Met+Cys%              0.67


1.3 Measuring index
Record the feed intake and eating time daily and calculate the preference index.
Preference index=feed intake of the treatment group / feed intake of the control group
1.4  Data processing
Use Excel to process the data, use SPSS16.0 to multiple compare the data. The result is showed as average value ± standard deviation (Mean±SD).

2 Conclusion

Note: the different small letters indicate significant difference (P0.05)
See table two for the effect of milk flavor 601 on feed intake of piglets. Table 2 showed that, compared with the control group, the feed intake of treatment group is obviously increased 57.00%P<0.05. The eating time of treatment group is 40.23% shorter than the control group. Piglets have a certain preference to the feed supplement with milk flavor 601, the preference index is 1.27
The result showed that, piglets have a certain preference to the feed supplement with milk flavor 601. Adding milk flavor 601 in feed has a good attractant effect on weaned piglets.



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